Summer has arrived

Today was quite a grey and cold one, but summer is definitely on it’s way. When I went to the park earlier, I was greeted by a glorious sight: the first cricket match of the year. I cannot tell you what a marvellous sight that was. It feels like an age has passed since I was last out there, watching local team the Mighty Eights bowl a few overs. I have always loved cricket, and, sat there this afternoon, I thought about Dad, who introduced me to the sport. It also made me think of all the glorious summers spent watching cricket or playing it with my brothers. It put me in one of those relaxed, reflexive moods where everything gains a little perspective. And suddenly, sipping coffee as the game slowly got going, all the world’s troubles seemed to vanish. The sky may have been grey and it may have been cold, but it felt like summer had arrived.

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