A night out in New Cross

There could well have been a picture of some woman’s arse on here this morning. Lyn, Paul and I were out in New Cross last night, at the New Cross Inn. We had an incredible time: they had a rock night, with three heavy rock bands playing. Although I didn’t recognise any of the songs played (they were all original, and the music was too loud for me to hear any of the lyrics) it was right up my street. I still love all the headbanging, metal stuff, and I really got into it. L and I sat quite near the stage, and had a very good view of proceedings. Frankly I just had fun looking at some of the hair styles of the rockers in there; there was even one guy who looked like a viking, with bright, red bushy hair and a beard to match.

At one point, though, a woman came and stood right in front of Lyn so that she couldn’t see. The quick-witted Lyn asked on her ipad whether she should take a photo of the woman’s butt, as it was right in front of her Ipad’s camera. Fortunately someone behind us at that point saw Lyn’s question and asked the woman to move, but I think L should have taken the photo – it would have made a good blog entry.

All in all it was a great evening: it feels like ages since we last went out properly like that, but I’m now dying to go again. We got home at about half twelve, tired but both completely sober. Awesome nights like that is what this city is great at, and that’s why I still love it.

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