I’m back

This is the first entry of my blog’s new wordpress home. To be honest, it feels weird: after  fifteen years of being master of  my own domain, I  now need to get used to a new blog style and format. In a way it feels like I’m starting all over again, which can be seen  as both good and bad.

Quite a bit has happened in  the last three or four weeks,  and I’ve  missed the ability to blog; my site acted as an essential vent  for my feelings. In particular, I received the devastating news of the passing of my old school friend Lee D. I got it  last  Saturday via my Ipad while I was protesting up in parliament square. Truth be told I’m quite devastated about it: he was one  off my oldest friends, whom I grew up with. Emotions have been raw all week, and I’ve found myself longing for the ability to express myself  as I have for the past fifteen years.

At least I now have my blog back, albeit in a different form. It’s quite a change, and a lot to get used to,  but please expect my ill-informed ramblings to resume here.