Becoming a West Ham supporter

I’ve never been much of a football fan, preferring cricket, but I casually keep my eye on three or four teams: Macclesfield town, being the closest half decent side to Congleton, my home town. Then there’s Charlton Athletic, who play just down the hill from me and Lyn. I support Manchester United, because – well, you know they are the best. And I support Liverpool, simply because they were Andy Fox’s favourite team. I am, however, considering starting to follow a fifth football team.

I was up in the olympic park this afternoon. I go to Stratford fairly regularly to shop in the giant Westfield there, but today I wanted to give the olympic park a proper explore. It really is developing nicely into a beautiful addition to the list of London’s great parks. The river Lee flows gracefully between large gardens planted with flowers; paths wind smoothly between lawns, leading you from the orbit tower to the aqua park to the velodrome. To think that, under twenty years ago, that was all just wasteland is astonishing. The Olympic stadium itself now looks great, decked out in it’s new West Ham colours but looking forward to all kinds of sporting and musical events. Looking at it, thinking about what happened there in 2012 as well as all the awesomeness yet to come, there and then I made a decision: from now on, I’ll support West Ham too. I cant’t name any of their players and have no idea how they’re doing; but then, I don’t know anything about any other football team I nominally support either, so why not?!

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