Visiting Kew

I decided to go to Kew today. I had been intending to go for a while, but it seemed such  a long way away that I had been putting it off. I really wanted to explore a bit more of the south-westt of the city, though,  so today I set off to see if I could get myself to kew and back.

Getting there proved easier than I expected, although it  took a while: Jubilee  line to Westminster, then the District line. It was all perfectly accessable. I saw a bit of Kew first, popping in to the national archives, which was remarkable in  itself. Then, after a short detour, I entered Kew Gardens.

It was magnificent. I found the place fascinating and beautiful in equal parts. The plants were extraordinary,, the architecture amazing. I especially  liked the Chinese pagoda. Truth be told, I didn’t have time to explore as thoroughly as I had wanted, and I had to head home all too soon. On  the way back I wanted  to see  if there were any anti-Trump protests at Westminster, but there were none at the time.  Now  I know how to get there, though, I think I’ll definitely be going back to Kew: I found yet another of London’s jewels today – a place full of beauty and life, which seemed to beg me to explore it more.

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