Students challenged to design clothing for both disabled people and mass market

I was over in Woolwich this afternoon on one of my usual walks. I saw an  awesome coat which  I  really wanted  to get, either for me or Lyn. It was sparkly, fluffy and pink. I was  about to buy it, but then I checked the price: seventy quid. I was out of the shop  like a shot. It’s a shame, because I haven’t had a good dress-up session  in ages.

I would have forgotten about it, only I  just came across  this ITV story. A  group of  students with disabilities have begun designing clothing specifically for people with disabilities. “A TV producer has set a group of final year fashion students at Leeds University a new challenge. Chaz McAlpin, who runs a channel for disabled people, says no-one designs a range of clothes that are both fashionable and functional, for people with diverse physical needs. He asked the students if they could come up with a range of clothes suitable for everyone and they have now revealed what they created.” What makes this story even more  interesting  for me is that it includes Nadia Clarke, one of the VOCA-users I know from onevoice. It’s great to see her  doing so well.

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