Weblog Wordcount

Today I got the answer to a question I have been wondering about for ages. My bro Luke  sent over my full weblog archive  in a single  document yesterday. Since my old website went down I had been fretting about all my old entries. Fifteen years’ work is fifteen  years’ work, and there were a lot of cool memories in that archive. I opened the  document earlier today, and, out of pure curiosity, did a wordcount: I was amazed to find out that  I  had written 932,898 words on that blog, and the document was 1360 pages long. I think that is rather impressive, and worth noting here at least.

I try my best to convey my thoughts and feelings on here, and I’m proud to have kept my blog  up  this long. Most of my old entries may not be online at  the moment,  but at least I know they are safe. That alone is enough to keep me blogging.

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