Charlotte’s wedding

Lyn and I got back from Chester late last night. It had been a long day at the end of an  incredible weekend. Charlotte’s wedding proved to be amazing, with tonnes of music, singing and dancing – as you would expect from her. It was held in the back garden of a large house just up the road from her old family home. We swung by there the day before, upon getting to chester, just to say hi; I swear the house I once christened The Burrow hasn’t changed a bit.

The next day we arrived bright and early to the wedding venue, with setting up in full swing and guests starting to gather. It turned out to be quite a glorious afternoon: the ceremony itself was magnificent, and in fact  brought a tear to my eye. C looked amazing in her big white dress. She and Alex wrote their own vows, which were quite stirring and all about love and mutual support.

After the ceremony the music began, with DJs, choirs and bands. I managed to get a dance with the bride  – I thin C was happy to see us there. The highlight for me, though, was an awesome little show performed by C’s singing group, The Harmonettes, all about how she and Alex fell in love.  It was so well done it quite made my jaw drop. The party lasted late into the evening, past midnight, by which time I was completely knackered.

I must say, though, yesterday didn’t prove such a  cool day; in fact it was pretty awful. There were works at Euston I’d been told about a few weeks ago, so we had decided to have an extra day in Chester. Unfortunately  by then our hotel room had been booked by other people, so I’d  had no  choice but to book a room at another hotel. Unfortunately, rolling up to the second hotel yesterday we discovered it wasn’t wheelchair accessible, even though it said it was on the website. We looked for other hotel rooms with no luck, so we decided to try to get home.

The  journey  proved  a total nightmare: we had to change trains about four or five times, including at an unattended little station in the middle of nowhere with lifts of pure malevolent evil. The trip took about six hours, and in all we didn’t get home until about twelve or thirteen hours after leaving our first hotel. It really was a nightmare, and I’ve never been so relieved to get into bed, although we did have some incredible pizza up in Marylebone on the way.

In all, then, it was an  incredible weekend at the end of an amazing two weeks. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this past fortnight.

One thought on “Charlotte’s wedding

  1. Hi Matt – so sorry to hear of the ghastly journey home. It was so wonderful to see you at the wedding. We all had a ball and, praise the Lord, the weather was fantastic. Our house is now carnage after having so many passing through its doors over the weekend but we wouldn’t have it any other way. The wedding was complete due to you and Lyn being present.
    Love Mrs J x x x


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