A subject to steer clear of

I’m staying well clear of writing anything about the current row about Labour, Jeremy Corbyn and antisemitism. As someone who attempts to be a political and social commentator, I know I should probably try to write something about it. But I’m an experienced enough blogger now to know that there are some subjects you just shouldn’t touch.  The whole area is a minefield:  you should be able to criticise  israel for it’s treatment of Palestinians, but as soon as you do so you risk being accused of antisemitism, so you  steer clear of it. But pointing that risk out is, in itself, antisemitic because it makes a generalisation about jewish people. Not all jewish people support israel, but the israeli government and it’s supporters seems to  want to conflate criticism of it with antisemitism in order to justify it’s actions. Accusing it of that,  however, only fuels  antisemitism. The result is you cannot say anything about the subject either way. What a mess.

2 thoughts on “A subject to steer clear of

  1. What you can say is that Corbyn is not the leader the Labour party needs at the moment. He has a long history which can be interpreted, probably unfairly, by his political enemies, which include a significant part of the Labour Party itself. Because of his own lack of clarity and past declarations on Europe, he cannot engage the Tories despite their own schisms over Brexit. He cannot lead his party, he cannot effectively oppose the Tories, he is mostly invisible except to his mostly very left wing supporters, and his spokespeople are having to tread so carefully with what they say that it sounds like they are defending the indefensible. He should resign and let someone else have a chance to make some sense of what the Tories are doing. Even ardent Brexiteers can’t agree what is going on, it seems there is no proposal that the Tories as a whole accept, no proposal that is acceptable to Barnier, so there is nothing that can be agreed even if there was a consensus to do so.
    And I’ll write it again – whilst we are heading the News with Brexit, Antisemitism, and Trump nonsense, we are not addressing the problems with the NHS, Social Care for the elderly, Schools, Child care, Trains, manufacturing productivity, farm subsidies, food prices, petrol prices, low paid employment, rocketing credit card debt, house prices etc etc, which are all going the wrong way. Brexit or no Brexit we are heading into a very bad situation for most people in this country, so deal or no deal, we will not be able to tell the difference.
    On the other hand, trying to be optimistic, if Labour was able to get into power this year, with a sensible leader, we might be able to avoid the worst.


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