Monty Python’s Colossus

It now looks  like I have something else to keep an eye on, alongside the return of Captain Picard. Late  last night, just before bed, I came across something about another Monty Python comeback. It wasn’t much:  just Micheal Palin saying that the pythons are planning something to mark their fiftieth anniversary next year, but it was enough to send my mind  racing. Today  I consulted the Monty Python fan facebook page. Predictably, no one knew much, but there is talk of an exhibition up at the V and A. I was sort of hoping for another full-on reunion show,  although that might be unlikely due to Terry Jones’ Alzhiemers,  and it probably wouldn’t have been at the   o2 (or indeed  in the uk) again, so I knew that the prospect of a repeat of that epic night in 2014 would have been too much for me to hope for. Nonetheless, I was  directed here, to the exhibition site. There isn’t much to go on at this point, but it certainly looks like they once again have something interesting in the making, and all being well  I’ll be able to make my way up there to check it out when it’s on. Monty Python had an enormous  impact on British comedy and culture, and it is good to see that  legacy being properly marked.

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