James Bond ‘probably’ will never be a woman

As in favour of positive discrimination as I ordinarily try to be, I must say that I agree with this news that James Bond will remain male. Fleming wrote him as a man; indeed he is an utter misogynist who treats women despicably. To suddenly turn Bond into a woman, for whatever reason, would be a complete departure from who the character essentially  is. That is not  to say I don’t think Bond shouldn’t change at all – I still say he can and should one day be played by a black actor  – but making  007 female  would necessarily mean giving the character female characteristics which would depart too far from what Fleming created.

7 thoughts on “James Bond ‘probably’ will never be a woman

    1. hmm, perhaps more empathy and emotion. Bond is supposed to be cold and heartless, but women tend to be more emotional. if you then reply ‘not necessarily’, I’d ask, what then would be the point of making such a drastic change?


      1. Huge sweeping generalisations there about 50% of the human race. And if we’re comparing to Bond most men are too emotional. The characteristics that make Bond “Bond”; drinking, promiscuity, Skilled marksman, humour etc could and should be portrayed by a woman. I for one don’t think it would be a drastic change.


      2. As a bond fan I just feel that it would completely deviate from the original 007. Start playing around with him too much and you risk losing something..


      1. It’s a good point mate. If you think about it, the franchise is so well established that it would probably stand such a change. In fact it could probably do with one in order to modernise it. A female Bond would be a departure, but departures are sometimes cool.


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