Gove and Johnson should be in jail

No doubt the two weasels in question will try to lie their way out of being held accountable for their crimes, but yesterday Lord Alan Sugar stated  the obvious: Michael Gove and Boris Johnson should be tried and jailed for deliberately misleading the country during the Brexit referendum. I could barely agree with that more. Before the 2016 vote, they toured the country in a bus bearing a pledge to give the money we currently send to the EU to the NHS. They  knew full well that no such money existed, and that such a promise would be untenable; they just wanted to use our affection for our national health service to con us into voting to leave the EU. I find that utterly, utterly despicable – even by the low  standards of these troubled times.

However they might try to justify their lies and worm their way out of it, as far as I’m concerned, Gove, Johnson  and the other Outist leaders are criminals who must be held accountable for the damage their lies have done. Our rights, freedoms and prosperity are now imperilled because these snivelling insults to humanity conned the country into voting to return  to their Dickensian hell.

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