Stay out of politics, CaMoron!

You would think that a man whose arrogance and stupidity has caused so much damage would have the  good grace to shut the fuck up and keep out of politics, but apparently David CaMoron is considering returning to frontline politics. Words completely fail me. Has the P’tahk any idea of the damage he has done and the division he has caused? To even be considering such a return implies that he thinks he is held in some kind of esteem, when surely anyone capable of independent thought views him with a mixture of derision  and contempt. He called  a totally unnecessary referendum to try to fix a problem in the Tory party, it backfired on him and as a result the entire country will be up shit creek for years. How can anyone have the gall to think he still has a right to  help  govern  the country? CaMoron should be on his knees begging our forgiveness.

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