Update on Charlton Summerhouse

You   may recall that the very last entry I made before my  old blog went offline was about the summerhouse in chalton park. It had stood abandoned for as long as I’d lived in charlton, but I was interested to see that it’s renovation had begun. Well, I’ve been keeping an eye on it since then, and it has been fascinating to watch the building get transformed from a  derelict old shell. I would say it was halfway there now, but what’s cool is what it could now become. I popped into Charlton house this afternoon to ask about it: it  dates from about 1610, and was originally used as a banqueting hall. It must once have enjoyed phenomenal views northward over the river. Excitingly, at last week’s film festival meeting, there was talk of using it as a screening venue. And having hung around so many contemporary theatre students at uni, I’d wager it would make a great performance space. With that it mind, I just tapped it into Google and found this update on the Summerhouse’s restoration and refurbishment. It certainly looks like the old shack has a bright, interesting future (and I’m glad to see that it will be wheelchair accessible.

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