The UN investigation into Tory Austerity

There must surely be a point at which the people of any country must turn to the government and say ‘enough is enough’, and I think we have reached that point. I just came across this shocking Guardian article on a UN report due  out next year on the devastating effect Tory austerity has had on the UK. It is utterly fucked up: Britain was in breach of four UN human rights agreements relating to women, children, disabled people and economic and social rights. The limit on benefits payments to only the first two children in a family was “in the same ballpark” as China’s one-child policy because it punished people who had a third child. Cuts of 50% to council budgets were slashing at Britain’s “culture of local concern” and “damaging the fabric” of society.  Between this and the utter stupidity of Brexit, how the hell  can we let these contemptible embarrassments to humanity remain in power.

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