I’m writing this on the coach again, although this time I remembered to take a pee before I got on. We spent the morning in Leeds after enjoying an excellent Ethiopian dinner and a good nights sleep. I must say I found Leeds intriguing: it’s city centre is small and walkable, and old industrial buildings seem to juxtapose with modern shopping centres in quite an awesome way. There is an arcade with a new glass roof. You can see it was once a normal street, but it’s roof gives it the feel of the Trafford centre or Westfield in Stratford. I couldn’t help musing to myself that someone had definitely been reading their Walter Benjamin.

After breakfast in the city centre we went to the royal armouries museum, another beautiful modern building by the canal. I found the suits of armour and swords intriguing, and we watched quite an interesting talk about the battle of Agincourt, before catching the water taxi back to the city centre.
We are now heading to Edinburgh where me and John continue our adventure. It has already been a great couple of days. It looks like our new resolution, to get out of London and see a bit more of the uk, is off to a good start.

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