Another needless trip to Woolwich

A couple of days ago my Ipad wouldn’t connect to the net when I was away from our home wifi network. A good  web connection is quite crucial to  me these days, so off I went to the o2 shop in  Woolwich, where I was told I needed to top my sim card up. This I did, and I got a confirmation email. Assuming everything was now tickety-boo, today I was having my usual coffee in  the cafe park when I thought I’d check my emails on my Ipad. Strangely, it wouldn’t connect.

I quite naturally assumed my payment hadn’t gone through for some reason, so sucking up the rest of my coffee, off I set back to Woolwich. I took the long way today, just for the sake of variation, and I’d arrive in woolwich high street closer to the  o2 shop. When I got there,  however, I saw I didn’t need to go in at all: there was a big handwritten sign on the door stating that o2 was suffering a massive network failure, and nobody’s phones were working. I just saw it was so big that the bbc website has the story on it’s front page. Talk about epic fail.

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