What about Other kinds of Disability?

A while ago I wrote on here that I wanted to take  up psychology again. I think that is still the case. These days, I’m becoming more and more interested in mental  health. It is an area I know very little about, but as a writer and filmmaker I want to now start to articulate stories about  all kinds of disability,  including less obvious ones. Of course, I can go on telling the world what life is like for a guy  with cerebral palsy, but now I want to start exploring what life is like for people with types of disability which are less obvious. I’ve been conveying my thoughts,  feelings and experiences on my blog for the past fifteen years. I’ve also written a few scripts and made a few films. Yet it seems to me my type of disability is straightforward in that the problems I face are relatively obvious; I’ve also been lucky in that I have the ability to communicate my thoughts and experiences to the outside world. Now I want to give a hand to those who might not have that ability, or whose impairments are less obvious. If anything, people with mental health issues get even less representation in mainstream media than  those of us with physical disabilities. As I say, it’s an area I don’t know much about, but from what I’ve seen and read  so far it’s quite fascinating.

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