The incident at charlton train station

I was just down at Charlton Train station trying to get tickets for a trip John and I are taking to Oxford and Liverpool. It’s a small station with a single counter. I’m there  quite often these days, so the staff know me. It was going quite  routinely at first: the guy had come out to read what I wanted from my Ipad; he had just gone back behind the counter when something happened. I couldn’t  see what because he was behind the serving window, but through that  I saw his colleague come over and say his name. I was slightly confused – I thought he was  still processing my request. I waited a few moments, but then the colleague pulled down the window blind and I heard him calling an ambulance – the guy had had some kind of seizure.

I waited in the station for a while, unsure what to do, worried about the guy. The station was empty but for me. I thought about making suggestions, like to put the guy into the recovery position. The ambulance came and the medics went into the  staff area. Shortly after that I was asked to leave and go back tomorrow. I did and I will, but  it was rather scary.  I really hope the man is ok.

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