America is not a great nation

How dare that bunch of uneducated right-wing morons on the other side of the Atlantic still claim to be the world’s preeminent  nation? I just came across this tragic story, and America lost the last fragment of my respect. The faecal smear on human civilisation whom it is currently  calling it’s president has overseen the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s great achievement which at last gave americans something approaching  a civilised healthcare system. Now a halfwit who laughably calls himself a judge in Texas has ruled it unconstitutional, so our American friends will soon be forced to go back to paying insurance companies for their healthcare. I just feel sorry for people with disabilities and long term conditions, who will now need to start worrying about how to pay for their  healthcare. Ffs how  can a country dare  to call itself even remotely civilised when it prioritises the rights of capitalist fatcats to make a profit over the wellbeing off it’s poorest citizens?

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