The US needs to grow up and get a proper president

I know The United States of America to be a nation of bright people, as intelligent and thoughtful as anyone else, so why the zark is it allowing a complete idiot completely out of touch with reality claim to be it’s president? I just turned my computer on to find this news:  Donald Trump is threatening to completely shut down the US government if it does not let him  build a border wall  with Mexico. Such a wall would cost billions and probably be completely redundant as migrants, legal and illegal, would just find a way around it. I know America is the world’s richest nation, but even so, if I was american I’d be  furious that this money  wasn’t going on something more sensible, like social services or health. I’d be completely embarrassed, and wondering why those who know what they are  doing weren’t trying to put someone more qualified into the White  House,, rather then a nonse who thinks appearing on a wrestling show is the height of sophistication. How can any self respecting country allow a complete egotistical moron spend billions on his own  moronic vanity project? Come on, America,  grow up!

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