We cannot let the UK be transformed into a capitalist hell

I’ll probably blog about Brexit quite frequently over the next few weeks. I know I’m  supposed to  vary my subjects, reflecting my life as a guy with a disability, but the truth is I’m now becoming very worried indeed about  what is  about to happen in the   UK. The more I read, the more frightening it seems  and he more certain I am that it must be stopped at all costs. I just came across this Guardian article by a Labour MP  spelling out what is going  on. If we leave the Eu,  we’ll have to join another international trade body.  The people pushing brexit ” want to take the UK out of the EU and join us instead to the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) or the Pacific Alliance, offering free trade with these countries but none of the environmental, labour or consumer protection offered by the EU.” Our consumer and human rights stand to be ripped to shreds as  the Outists seek to  transform the country  into  an  ultra capitalist hell; the postwar, communitarian, liberal consensus will be a thing of  the past. I went to university and live pretty independently, but that was only possible due to various state-based support structures – structures which now stand to be thrown out the window as the economy  is  re-oriented to  a much more  commercial, American style one. I do not want that to happen. Brexit must not go ahead, surely we must urgently do something to stop it.

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