Anger issues

For a while now, I’ve known that my cerebral palsy effects my emotions and how I express my emotions. I’ve always been strange in that department: the way I express my emotions has always been quite overt, compared to others. I’ve always squealed with excitement or banged stuff when I’m angry. It wasn’t until fairly recently, though, that I realised that this was something common to people with my type of athetoid cerebral palsy. I have written on here before about my rages – about how table-bangingly, door-slammingly furious I often get when it comes to politics. My brain handles anger and other emotion in a different way to people without cp, so I express it more overtly. It probably looks rather childish, but at least I now know it’s down to my disability.

The problem is, half the country now seems to be getting just as angry. On the news and over the web, I see people getting just as furious, displaying the same white hot anger I feel in myself. It worries me. People all over the place seem to be losing it, especially over Brexit. Everyone seems to be becoming more confrontational and less tolerant; people shout at one another in the street more. Who knows why this came about, but I suspect it has something to do with the depersonalising aspects of the web. Online we’ve become so used to getting furious and arguing with the screen, we forget that venting that anger to someone’s face is not acceptable. It’s apparently happening in America too. It’s quite frightening, and to be honest i’m starting to worry about it: the amount of anger currently flying about cannot be good.

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