On yesterday’s entry

Part of me is a bit worried that I shouldn’t have posted yesterday’s entry, and that incidents like that are best kept private for fear of upsetting the people involved. After all, entries like  that have landed me in quite a bit of trouble in the past. At the same time, I think I have every right  to write about such incidents: disabled people have  to put up with things like that quite regularly. Moreover, by  writing about it on here, I find I can put across my viewpoint far  more articulately than if I took the issue up with  the  person in question face to face; by writing what happened from  my point of view up  as a blog entry, I can explain  precisely why it made me so upset. The disadvantage to that is, it makes public an incident  someone else may not  want publicised, and makes them seem like a bad person when of course  they aren’t. They are a good person, but if anyone speaks to me like I’m five or adopts the  stern, overly-authoritative  tone  she did towards me, I have a right to note it here. Should I blog about things like that? To be honest I could do with some advice.

8 thoughts on “On yesterday’s entry

  1. Crikey Matt you were right, yesterdays post was uncalled for and very dubious of fact.
    Yes, a dog stole leftover food off a table which had been vacated. And yes “some-one” told you off. What you failed to mention is the fact that you started shouting and swearing at “some-one” and then tried to run into them with your wheelchair.
    “Some-one” has treated you with nothing but respect, compassion and friendship. What happened has nothing to do with your disability, but every thing to do with your immaturity and propensity to be a bully. Respect has to be earned, it is not something you can demand.


    1. Thanks for your input, Leah, but please be fair: I only started swearing after the incident; I did so as a reaction to treated like a child. I would maintain, too, that I’d never deliberately try to run anyone over


  2. Matt I have seen you throw so many tantrums, I have also seen you try to kick dogs and also try to run them over. I have found in life when I behave like a five year old I invariably get treated like one. It’s a learning aid.


      1. Well that’s what everyone sees. Be stubborn and refuse to learn if you like, but it’s you who will miss out.


  3. Matthew, as I understand it, the cafe in the park is one of your favourite places. I have seen the number of people that know you, and help you, and are your friends. I would have thought it would be in your best interests to remain friends with as many people as possible. Whatever happened the other day, it cannot be right to react so extremely. Why would you risk alienating the people who run the cafe, and other friends, like that? I would recommend that you think hard about it, and make apologies as appropriate.


  4. Hi Matthew, I’m coming to this late and, judging from responses here from people who clearly know both you and the other people involved, my perspective may be redundant. What strikes me is that, whatever actually happened on that occasion, there’s an underlying pattern of patronising assumptions and behaviour that you commonly experience, and that frequently upsets you. If you did/do I have ‘tantrums’ as a result, well, we all – whatever mental/physical challenges we face, occasionally do – I won’t condone or condemn that. But I for one would certainly defend your right to air your feelings on your own blog. As you yourself said, it’s a way to get feedback, and learn, etc. As you say elsewhere, don’t be silenced by fear of disapprobation!


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