Pitch of dreams

A few days ago I began to wonder whether cricket was still played in America, so I tapped the terms into Youtube. I didn’t  find much that interested me so I left it at that and forgot about it. However, youtube obviously remembered my  query and today suggested this quite fascinating half hour documentary. As a cricket fan, I find what it  has to say very encouraging: although still nowhere near as popular as Baseball or American football, Cricket is apparently slowly gaining traction there, with teams being established all over the country,  and even a US Cricket Association. There are even plans to set up  a national team which could one day compete against the likes  of  England or Australia. Now that would  be interesting. What I find most intriguing about this doc, though, is hearing cricket being spoken of as if it were something  new or foreign: it explains how cricket was popular there two hundred years ago, but was almost totally forgotten, so it has to be re-learned. With more and more people,  including children, learning and  becoming enthusiastic about  the sport, though, we can  begin to hope that the yanks might one  day become  a proper cricketing nation again.

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