My rages have to stop

I’m really starting  to worry about how angry I’m getting, usually about brexit. I know I’ve mentioned this on here a few times, as well as the fact my emotional control is related to my cp,  but it  really is becoming scary. Whenever I see a Brexiteer on tv or on my computer, I erupt, almost instantly, My heart races and my body tenses up; I lose my grasp of reality so that they become the very epitome  of  evil. For a few moments I want to kill them. Last night, for instance, I came across someone online criticising Sir Patrick Stewart for saying Brexit betrayed Star trek’s vision of the future; they claimed that Star Trek was ‘Brexit to the core’. As you can imagine, reading such a moronic statement had  me enraged; it was a complete misreading of everything Star Trek is about. For a few moments  I could barely control my body, and  got so bad Mitch came in to calm me down.

Thinking about it, it’s completely irrational. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and it did not harm anyone.  Yet, to me, for a few moments, that statement seemed to insult everything I loved star  trek for. Trek describes a future where humanity comes together to explore  space, whereas brexit, by clinging to petty national divisions, pushes that future further away. How dare anyone make such a moronic statement. The rage and anger I felt in that moment to  the woman who made it was indescribable.

But why? Why do I get so angry  at people who merely have different opinions to me? I’m becoming very embarrassed by it. It’s ridiculous, probably looks infantile, and probably isn’t good for either my heart or my mental health. It’s as if I’ve become so frustrated with Brexit  that anyone who supports it,  no matter  how remotely, momentarily  becomes my bitterest enemy. Once I calm down,  take a deep breath etc I’m  fine, but given these eruptions of rage seem to happen so spontaneously, I’m at a loss to see how to prevent them from happening in the first place. I ought to  be calm and rational, but when something triggers my  rage, I’m anything but.

One thought on “My rages have to stop

  1. Hi Matthew, I totally understand and relate to your rages, etc, albeit my own anger is usually triggered by other issues. But I overlap with you when it comes to Brexit. My wife and I recently signed the ‘Revoke Article 50’ petition online. It was at about 3.6 million when we signed. It’s now at about 5.6 million. I read somewhere online today that the lady who started that petition has received death threats from pro-Brexit loonies, and has, as a consequence, left the UK temporarily. These are difficult times!


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