Is Adepitan the new Palin?

I really must say how much I’m enjoying Africa with Ade Adepitan on sunday nights.  It is refreshing to see a disabled person host a high quality documentary program which isn’t specifically about disability. Of  course, Adepitan’s  disability comes into play at times,  for example when we see him struggling to push his wheelchair down  a rough path, but that is treated as incidental to the show. What comes through is Adepitan’s enjoyment and  curiosity; it’s clear he likes exploring, and Africa really is a fascinating, misunderstood part of the world. At the same time, the fact that he uses a wheelchair adds another – I think very welcome – dimension to the show. Travel isn’t always easy for people with mobility problems I can tell you, and we see Adepitan encounter problems Michael Palin never has; but these are counterpointed by his  clear enthusiasm for what he is doing. I think this gives the program just the right mix of wonder and realism. A great addition  to sunday night  tv, then. Let’s hope this is just the first trip of many Adepitan takes.

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