Shamima Begum

I really can’t make my mind up about Shamima Begum, the teenager who left London to join ISIS. The way she now wants her UK citizenship back strikes me as hypocritical, to be honest: she left the country to join a group of dangerous religious nutters, but now they have lost their war she wants to come back and resume a normal western life as if nothing has happened. She made her choice to join this band of lunatics; to demand that is just forgotten about seems to me more than a little arrogant, as does the way she seems to think she has a right to say what is and is not just. Yet as soon as I say that I sound like all these right wing p’tahks who so appal me. She has rights, as does her unborn child – rights which cannot be forgotten about, no matter what this silly little girl has done. Were we to forget about those rights we would be no better than the religious, right-wing nutters who brainwashed her in the first place. What the xenophobic morons are currently saying about her is disgusting. I thus see both sides of the argument, and can’t make my mind up.

5 thoughts on “Shamima Begum

  1. Hi – she was 15 years old when she left and she had been groomed online. We don’t know how long for but those people are incredibly clever and persuasive. They would have played to her insecurities, she was just (still is) a teenager and probably very naive. I think she needs support and educating. I don’t think it should be easy for her but for me she is British.


    1. Of course, there’s no refuting the fact that, to a large extent, Bagum is a victim to be pitied. Yet I just feel the flip side of the argument cannot wholly be ignored: she still has agency, and there is a deal of arrogance in what she seems to be saying.


      1. But she has been with them for 4 years. People (idiots) just want her to say “oh it was horrible!! I made a terrible mistake! Rule Brittania!!!!”. Again a lot of people involved in CSE don’t always recognise what is happening as wrong both as it is happening and after. Aren’t we best to show her compassion whilst gathering an understanding as to why she made the decision she did? Look at how we can prevent it in the future.


  2. I think its a disgrace that we haven’t let her come home. Ultimatly she was 15 when she chose to go. A child. If a 15 year old girl got involved in Child Sexual Exploitation and ended up in another country we would have her back and show her compassion. There are lots of parallels between being radicalized and being sexually groomed. Its been trial by tabloid.


  3. So we’re bringing back transportation as a punishment now? Because withdrawing someone’s nationality and making them stateless is even worse than that: have no rights anywhere. And apparently the home secretary can do that without any sort of trial? Those are not the actions of any civilised country. It’s a chilling precedent, and one step away from the government withdrawing citizenship from “undesirables” currently in the UK. Let her have a trial and be convicted or otherwise, and not in the court of public opinion …


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