Discovery is an insult to Star Trek

Last night I decided to catch up on Star Trek Discovery. Between one thing and another, I had neglected to watch it, and yesterday I  realised I’d fallen way behind. Having just watched episodes  four, five and six of season one though, I realise I shouldn’t have bothered. Seriously, how dare  anyone call that shit Star Trek? What’s all this bollocks about a ‘spore drive’ no other Star Trek incarnation references, and why would they need a sentient being to control it? I always respected Star Trek because i was rooted in some sort of scientific reality, but  Discovery seems to have been made up as they went along.  It’s gibberish. On top of that, the characters  are utterly nauseating; every second line they spout is a cliche. I used to love  Star Trek, so to see it reach such lows really is infuriating.

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