Powerchair charger isues

The strangest thing kept happening with my powerchair chargers: they would work perfectly well for  ages then suddenly stop, The fans in them  would stop working  and they would stop giving charge. Over the years I’ve collected five or six chargers, and this happened to every one of them. Last night my last working charger gave up the ghost, leaving me with six broken chargers.

That was a bit stressful: no   chargers meant I’d better be conservative with how I used my chairs; it also meant I needed to get them fixed asap. Dom kindly took  the charger which had just broken home with him to see if he could find the problem, and this afternoon I asked Serkan to drive  me  to Welling mobility, the other broken chargers in  hand, to try to get a replacement.

Welling kindly leant me a  spare charger, taking  the broken ones to see  if anything could  be  done. Powerchair chargers are ninety quid each, so I was grateful for the loan. Getting home I plugged my main chair in and took my spare for a  short spin. Upon my return Dom had arrived to PA for Lyn, bringing  with him the charger he   had taken. We just plugged it in, and it whirred into life  just as it should. Dom had spent several hours on the problem,  only to  find a small wire had just burned out. When I heard the charger fan come on, I gave  him a huge, huge hug.  Issue resolved, then, and I’m now back to full power.

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