Local park suggestion

I’ve probably mentioned Maryon-Wilson park on here before. It’s a  small, densely wooded park between Charlton and Woolwich which I roll through just  about every day. It’s so densely wooded that you   almost forget you’re in the middle of a huge metropolis as soon as you go in; there’s a lazy little brook running  through it, presumably on it’s way down to the Thames. I was just going through there on  my way back from watching the skaters in Charlton park, and  I was struck by the contrast in the atmosphere. Charlton park, with it’s cafe, skate  park and football pitches, is a hive of activity, whereas all Maryon-wilson park has is trees and animal enclosures. I was then struck by an idea: wouldn’t it be cool if there was some kind of performance space in there?  Some kind of band stand,  perhaps? I could see people rocking out on the grassy areas between the trees  on there, or perhaps listening to something more sedate and classical. It’s one thing Charlton park lacks which it’s neighbour could pick up the slack with. Of course, the danger is it’ll destroy the tranquility of the place, but it’s just a suggestion I’m throwing out there.

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