For reasons which will  become  clear shortly, I was talking to Dom about India this afternoon, and he suggested I check out a film called Lion. It was on Netflix, and I fancied watching a film, so I put it on. I’d never heard of it before, but what I just watched was truly, truly beautiful. It was the type of story which I’d think  was far fetched if I didn’t know it was true. It’s about a guy from India who, separated from his mum aged five, is fostered to a couple in Australia. Then, with help from Google Earth, he finds his mum again after twenty years. It’s told in a gentle, beautiful style which reminded me of Rabbit Proof Fence. You feel  yourself cheering the character on as you watch his search. I  now want to give it a second viewing in case I missed any details, but I think it’s already  a new favourite.

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