A lovely walk

I just  got in from a walk (well, roll) so lovely that I think it deserves mentioning on here. From Charlton,  I headed for Blackheath and from there went up into Greenwich  park. I went through the park and down into Greenwich, and then eastwards along the river  up to the dome. That’s one of my regular routes, and from the dome I usually take the bus back, but instead today I carried on eastwards along the river  all the way to Woolwich. From there I just  trundled along the road back. It was quite an  epic ramble of  five or six KM which took me most of the afternoon; it reminded me of when I used to trundle up  to Swettenham from Congleton. Mind you, I better not do it too often as  it took a fairly big chunk out of my  powerchair battery.

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