Meeting Samuel L. Jackson

It has happened again. Just a few days ago, I was muttering to myself that it was high time something cool happened, like watching Monty Python Live or meeting someone awesome like Patrick Stewart or  Danny Boyle. Well, one of the best things about life in London is the most incredible things can happen at absolutely any moment. This afternoon, I was out on one of my regular walks. I had passed through Woolwich and was heading home when I noticed a bunch of vans outside woolwich crown court. I saw that they belonged to a film crew, so I automatically stopped to ask  what was going on. At first I was told by one of the security guys that they were  making  a documentary for the BBC. I naturally asked him what it was about, but he said he didn’t know, so I asked someone els.

He was one of the production staff. I got chatting to the guy,  showing him some of my writing and my 1000 Londoners film.  I told him about  meeting Danny Boyle a couple of years ago, explaining why I was interested. He then let slip that they weren’t making a documentary but a film, and that Samuel L Jackson was there. This, of course, got  my interest, and I decided to hang  around for a bit, chatting to members of the film crew,

I didn’t have to wait long,  as pretty soon out the great American  Actor came, wearing a hat to mask himself. I continued to talk to the crew members at first, before mustering the courage to tap into my  Ipad  how much I liked his work. He thanked me, and I introduced myself. We didn’t have too much of  a conversation,  but  nonetheless  it was awesome to meet one of the coolest actors around. Granted, I haven’t written much about Jackson in the way  I have about Stewart or Boyle (he’s  not in my thesis or made any short films which still make me squeal with glee whenever I see it), but even so it was pretty awesome. They were apparently making a sequel to The Hitman’s  Wife’s Bodyguard,  which, I must confess, I had never heard of, but even so I just love how things like this seem to keep happening. One of the best things about living in London is that the coolest things are possible at any  moment – you just need to keep your eyes open.

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