A vast maelstrom of contradictions

Until two days ago I thought London was a sprawling labyrinthine maelstrom. How, I reasoned, could cities get any bigger or more energetic? After under two days in Delhi, however, London seems like the epitome of calm and tranquility. Compared with Delhi, the British capital is a sedate village. I am genuinely baffled how people survive in this insane maelstrom. At the same time I am intrigued: this place is so fascinating and different to anywhere I have ever been. The road signs may be in english, but Delhi feels utterly different. I am once again reminded why I love travel. Here, it seems, modern collides with ancient, western with eastern; a sovereign nation seems somehow reluctant to fully outgrow its former colonial status. You can tell there is wealth here, but I have never seen so much poverty. There is so much beauty here, but there is dirt and rubbish everywhere, and pavements are a rarity. Delhi is a city of contractions, and I think I already love it.

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