The waterfall

I honestly think that what John did for me yesterday was nothing less than superhuman.  Not far from here, across the Ganges, is a cleft in the rock which people can climb up to see a waterfall. John and Anna wanted to go see it yesterday,  so we caught one of the local jeep taxis there. It was totally inaccessible, of course; there was no way you could get any type of wheelchair up those steep steps. Instead John proposed to give me a piggyback all the way up.

It wasn’t easy. The path was steep and long, weaving its way too either side of a beautiful cascade of water.  John took regular rests, and on the way up some other guys offered to help carry me,  singing Indian chants as they went. The effort they put in, John especially, was incredible. Mind you, I might add it wasn’t that easy for me either: clinging on to someone’s back for about an hour took quite an effort.
When we got to the top, though, I instantly knew it was worth it. The view across the valley was mind blowing. We went as far along the path as it was safe to go, before taking a swim in a pool into which a beautiful waterfall flowed. It was quite cold, and the rocks hurt my bare feet, but in that moment I found myself wondering how life could possibly get so mindblowingly incredible. For all it’s faults, humanity is surely redeemed by the kindness of people like John.

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