I had been feeling quite tired today, until a good, strong dose of caffeine about two. I think my Indian adventure has caught up with me. Despite that, the urge to travel has already returned: last night’s news about  Notre Dame made me reflect upon how long it has been since I  last visited Paris, and I now want to go there as soon as possible. It  is still one of my favourite  cities, and to see one of it’s greatest buildings on fire last night was so sad. It’s only a couple of hours away by train, which is nothing  compared to the journeys I’ve been taking recently, so I see no reason why I shouldn’t head down there sometime soon. Mind you, I think I  need a bit more rest before going anywhere again.

2 thoughts on “Paris

  1. I agree Matthew, this is so very sad. I also love the architecture in Paris. Although Notre Dame was rebuilt in the past due to a fire in the roof, this fire looked like it did a lot more damage. I wonder just how much of the original building will remain after it is rebuilt a second time. Kind of takes away the nostalgia for me a little.

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  2. Hey Matthew, I agree it is so very sad about Notre Dame. I too love Paris and it’s ancient architectural buildings. Notre Dame survived a fire in the roof in the past and was rebuilt but this fire looks far more devastating. I wonder how much of the original building will remain after it has been rebuilt. Knowing this kind of affects the nostalgia I feel associated with old building for me and I feel it is such a shame.


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