Time to get into Kubrick

This will sound rather pathetic of someone who professes to be a cinephile, but I’ve never really been into Stanley Kubrick. 2001 A  Space Oddysey was fine, but when I saw it in my late teens I found a Clockwork Orange a very difficult film, and never bothered to go back to  it. However, this might give me the incentive I need to go back  to Kubrick. There is a huge exhibition about him at london’s  design museum, and from Will Gompertz’ review it sounds intriguing. I now really want to go up there to check it out. I still really want to find something new to get into, and with any luck this could be it. The way Gompertz describes some of the fragments of cinematic history is enough to get my cinephhiiliac juices flowing all over again.

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