Q the Music

I’m not sure  that I ever actually will, but after coming across it yesterday I have a hankering to go and check this band out. ‘Q The Music’ markets itself as a James Bond tribute band, specialising in playing the themes from the bond  films. Of course,  massive 007 fan that I am, I’ve always been into the music; the  themes are arguably one of the primary aspects of the franchise. The very mention of James Bond is prone to automatically bring songs like this, this or this to mind. Yet  it’s interesting to note, I think, that the Bond franchisee can be explored (or exploited) in this way: what other series of films could you do this with? What other franchise even comes close to Bond’s impact on popular culture, not just in terms of music but clothes and iconography etc.? Of course, you can name things like the Harry Potter or Marvel franchises, but  Iim not sure they even come close to Bond’s position as a recurring aspect of mainstream popular culture for almost sixty years. The question which still puzzles me is, why?

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