Sick of tory lies

The tories are now apparently spouting the line that they got walloped in the local elections, not because the electorate is fed up with Brexit and want it stopped, but because we’re all eager for Brexit to happen. Have you ever heard so much bullshit? It’s easily disproved  by the  simple fact that parties who promise a second referendum did so  well. If the tories were correct, surely most people would have voted for Outist parties. What I find disturbing, though, is that it gives us an idea of the extent to  which  the Conservatives are willing to distort reality: they would have us  believe things which are patently untrue, just so  they can force through a project which they know full well will ruin the country. It is really becoming sickening, and smacks of an arrogance I cannot abide. They are trying to warp the obvious truth so much that surely it insults our collective intelligence.

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