I probably shouldn’t get so jealous

Edit, 19 may 2019. When I first heard that Lee Ridley had published a book, I got quite jealous and made a lot of stupid assumption. Having finally got round to reading the first chapter of the book itself, I’m quite frankly furious I ever wrote such a bollocks entry. I’ll try to write a full review when I’ve finished it, but I’m Only In It For The Parking is shaping up to be a seminal text on disability. It is both informative and funny. It has a type of self knowledge ideally suited for introducing  nondisabled people to what I instantly recognised as my world. Ridley is clearly a very good writer indeed I’m embarrassed that I was ever so childish and arrogant.

2 thoughts on “I probably shouldn’t get so jealous

  1. Lee Ridley is a hardworking comedian and does, in fact, have a degree in journalism. He has co-written a very good sitcom. You should stop being so jealous of other disabled people’s successes.


  2. Of course, as I wrote in my entry yesterday, I shouldn’t be so jealous and bitter about a book I haven’t even read. I was just feeling frustrated over my own lack of success. Fair play to the guy for writing a book.


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