Warnings from history

As  chilling as it is, I  think I ought to flag this Guardian piece up today. Focussing on  a new exhibition in Berlin, Martin Kettle writes about how  ”[t]he political landscapes of Brexit Britain and Weimar Germany are scarily similar.” History, it seems, is repeating itself:  as in Weimar Germany,  ”[h]ere, also, there is a surging narrative on the right about national betrayal, which seems likely to score heavily in the European polls next week. Here, more than half the public, according to a recent Hansard Society survey, says it supports “a strong leader willing to break the rules”. Here, racism of various kinds is on the increase. And here too we have experienced political assassination (also from the far right), public threats of violence against politicians, and official warnings that MPs are no longer safe.” This is a warning which I fear we can ill afford to ignore

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