The dangers of wearing football shirts

I have got into the habit of wearing my charlton football shirt every Saturday. I bought it for when my cricketing friend James and I go to matches at The Valley, but it seems apt to don it every Saturday. While I don’t take any particular interest in the football scores, I like showing I’m part of the local community. The only thing is, from time to time it means random people- men usually – shout things like “come on Charlton !” at me as I’m going along the street. I suppose that isn’t too bad, but once or twice people have shouted abuse at me, I guess due to recent football results and where I am. It has never been too bad but it does take me aback, especially if it takes me a couple of seconds to twig why I’m being shouted at. I suppose it has to be expected if I’m going to wear a charlton football shirt, although I better not wear it if I ever go to Millwall.

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