More Manchester exploration

Yesterday was quite a cool day, and what I tried to deride at first quickly became a welcoming, fascinating place. Manchester might not be a metropolis (but then,  compared to Delhi, neither is London) but maybe I’m tired of metropolises. Yesterday John and I explored the city a bit, meeting Charlotte for lunch before getting the tram to Media City to see a stage adaptation of Little Miss Sunshine. To be honest what I found most cool was the tram network: inevitably, perhaps, I found myself comparing it with London’s tube, but I found it brighter and cleaner, and far less hassle to get onto. All you have to do is go up a ramp onto a raised platform in the street and the tram can take you anywhere in town city. No lifts, no inaccessible subterranean stations.

Manchester, then, is a cool, bright, vibrant place , every bit as modern and outward looking as the sprawling southern maelstrom, but retaining a welcoming community atmosphere London seems to have at least partially lost. My life down in the capital may well be coming to an end, and I’m looking for somewhere new to explore. As much as I love London, there’s only so much of that kind of maelstrom one can take before you start thinking about other quieter places. At the same time I still want to be in the kind of vibrant artistic community where there are gigs to go to and fun to be had. Based  on my couple of days exploration here, Manchester might well be the new place I’m looking for.

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