We need a cultural movement to stop Brexit.

I still think we need some kind of massive cultural movement  to counter Brexit, History teaches us that the best way to counter any kind of oppressive or occupying force is through some kind of nonviolent civil action. It is now quite clear that Brexit is that kind of force, and must be opposed. Surely the best way the country can show it’s opposition to the utter stupidity of brexit is through some kind of enormous cultural movement. It’s now obvious that if we don’t act, we can kiss goodbye to the NHS and will be eating chlorinated chicken before you can say ‘human rights’. Surely there must be a way for us Remainers to get together to create art and events to show our opposition to what is happening.

What I  have in mind would be massive – it would  need to be: festivals, events, music and film. Perhaps it could even be on the same epic scale as the London 2012 Olympics  (and London, being such a staunchly Remain city, might make an excellent host). Surely there must be some way to mobilise the vast swathes of actors, directors, writers and artists opposed to Brexit; and presumably most people in the mainstream media industry can see it  for the mindless fascism it is too. We need to get everyone together  to tell the government that we vehemently oppose what is going on, otherwise something  absolutely nobody knowingly voted for will be forced upon us. The only question is, how can we  get such a cultural movement going?

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