The evils of bad economics

I know I shouldn’t just flag articles up without saying much about them, but I think everyone should read this today. It’s quite a long economics article in the Guardian, and I feel it reflects what I’ve thought for years: the premise of low tax  economy is inherently unfair and does not withstand scrutiny. It’s author  goes through the various moral and economic arguments spouted by those on the right for low tax economics, showing the logical flaws in each. The reason why some people are rich  and some are poor essentially boils down to luck; in  a civilised society, there is  no moral justification  for allowing some people to hoard vast amounts of wealth while others are left to go hungry. The author of the  piece articulates these ideas far better than I can so I won’t try to add much, save to say that having a physical disability probably gives me a slightly  different perspective on this:  I see myself as a part of society; I try to contribute to society in whatever ways I can, although I cannot have a regular job. People like me make a contribution to society,  so shouldn’t society support us? after all, if we all just cared for ourselves and forgot the whole idea of belonging to a society, all the infrastructure we need to function would fall apart. For guys like me to be able to make a contribution to society, then, we need society’s support – support which would not be there in a right-wing ultra-low tax hell the outists seem  to be pressing for.

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