History shows that the only remedy is to fight back

If you’re as worried as  I am about the erosion of minority rights in the current political climate, I recommend checking this Owen Jones article out. Truth be told it’s a tough read, but jones outlines how the human rights of LGBTQ people are gradually being worn away and how homophobic and transphobic attacks are becoming more and more common. What vestiges of equality that had been achieved was hard fought for, but due to the resurgence of populism, the clock  is being pushed back.

As Jones puts it:  “Join the dots, look at the direction of travel: progress in LGBTQ rights has not simply ground to a halt, it is screeching into reverse. This is Pride month, but let us not have commercialised parades, pinkwashing dubious corporations, celebrating “progress”. Let’s have rage, courage and determination – because LGBTQ rights are under threat, and history shows that the only remedy is to fight back.”

Whether you’re LGBTQ or not, whether you’re a member of a minority or not, I think we should all be worried about the direction western culture is currently heading in.

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