Mark Field is nothing more than a thug

Mark Field is clearly nothing more than a thug. He may think himself important because he’s a Tory mp, but we need better than such lowlifes running the country. You can easily imagine what happened: Field is at this black tie event,  probably feeling as though he’s the centre of attention and lapping it up,  when this activist appears and steals all the attention. To field, possibly unconsciously, this feels like an insult – a  diminishment of his prestige. It interrupted the event, which was supposed to be all about him. Of course, at that point the mask slips and the tory prick  reverts to the thug he really is, using bruit force to reassert his dominance. It didn’t take much – just a Greenpeace activist interrupting a dinner; but we can all now clearly see these aristocratic thugs for who they truly  are. Full of self importance they demand to be awarded a degree of reverence simply because of their backgrounds, but in reality they have as much class and dignity as  a pile of horse shit.

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