Trump’s Concentration camps

Things are becoming very charged indeed at the moment with respect to politics; it is becoming really frightening. People seem to have lost their minds, on both sides of  the Atlantic. In America, people have started to talk of immigrants being put into concentration camps.  When I first heard that, I thought it was just silly talk: the death camps of nazi germany were horrendous, terrifying places – no matter how bad these camps in the States are, to compare the two must surely be going too far. If people use such language too much, they lose credibility.

Yet I  just came across this New York Times article, and it chilled me to the core. They might not  actively be murdering people there, but what is happening in such places must surely be  stopped immediately: kids are left to sleep on floors, infants are dying. People have objected to these places being called concentration camps, citing Godwin’s famous law, but Mike Godwin himself responded: “Chris, I think they’re concentration camps. Keep in mind that one of their functions by design is to punish those individuals and families who are detained. So even the “charged” term is appropriate.”

What goes on in these places sound utterly sickening. People are being treated totally inhumanely, just for trying to enter  America. All because the embarrassment to humanity currently  in the White House wants to look like a strong man. How the fuck can this be allowed to continue?

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