The next step

Truth be told I’m going through a rough patch in my life. I’ve avoided writing about it on here, but Lyn and I stopped being a couple about a year ago. I’m still living with her,  but six months ago she asked me to move out, giving me time to get my own place here in  South London. We agreed that it was a change we both needed: I had become too dependent on her, and it was time for me to go it  alone. I think that L wanted a bit  of the space she used to have back as well as to encourage my independence.

Getting my own place has, however, proven easier said than done, and so far nothing has come up. I’m sure something eventually will, but with time growing so short I’m getting very, very worried. Being placed in sheltered accommodation, albeit temporarily,  is now a definite possibility. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t very upset about the issue; I know I’ll never meet anyone  as incredible as Lyn again. Nonetheless, as I said, this was a natural next step both Lyn and I definitely needed to take, and she remains one of my best friends. All I can do is thank her for a great decade together. But if anyone knows anything about housing or can help me out in any way,  please contact me.

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